"Thank you so much for helping me improve my communications skills...

By breaking down what seemed like a big, insurmountable problem into much smaller, actionable steps. You gave me a concrete plan for improvement. I feel so much more confident and prepared as a result of your coaching and our discussions. Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance!"

S. Deshmukh, Public Speaking - Coaching Customer

"I learned of Mrs. Appleton's services through LinkedIn...  

After the initial consultation, I felt she would be helpful in preparing for my interview.  I worked for government organizations and in academia for the majority of my professional career and wanted to make sure that I performed well in a corporate interview scenario. She was very patient with me and provided a wealth of resources.  I really appreciate the opportunity to talk through common interview questions.  I was offered the job during my second on-site interview.  Mrs. Appleton's services was money well spent and I recommend her without reservation." 

— J. Stanford, Research Professional

"She was incredibly professional...

Chief Development Officer of Appleton Communication, Susan Appleton , met with my partner and I to prepare our invention's pitch for a competition we entered. She was extremely generous with her time and advised us on everything from presentation skills to additions and a conclusion to the rough draft we presented her. Susan was incredibly professional and livened the room with her expert advice. We left no loose ends and no question unanswered. Incredibly positive experience, will definitely recommend"

K. Iturra, Public Speaking & Presentation Customer

“During the time I have worked with and for Susan she has shown strong business acumen, with professionalism and emotional intelligence...

I always admire how she maintains focus and resilience. She overcomes every obstacle she is faced with consistently showing creativity and insight required to create impressive and successful development and learning opportunities. She stands out as a person who exhibits professionalism and the ability to overcome challenges while communicating effectively with all different levels of management.

— M. Brooks, Corporate Trainer

Susan's presentations are very good...

She engaged the audience very well and the presentation was on point. Her voice and body language was as good as other top speakers."

— Jacksonville Entrepreneur, Public Speaking Training

"Susan has the ability to listen to what is needed for training and writes curriculum to match those needs...

She designs classes to increase specific skill levels. I have always been impressed with her creativity in planning and training and her desire to make her workshops beneficial for the learner. It's simple, it's her passion that drives her to research write and develop the best curriculum using the most updated information possible. Her presentations are professional, enthusiastic with focused outcomes.

— B. Mitchell, Training Specialist  

"The Emotional Intelligence training was dynamic, engaging, and empowering...

Susan Appleton was a speaker earlier this year at one of our Clay Women's Empowerment Council luncheons. I cannot express how empowering her message was to me and the 89 attendees there that day. She is one of the most dynamic speakers the CWEC has been blessed to experience and it would be a great opportunity for any group to experience !!"

— M. Rowe, Clay County Women's Empowerment Council

Just great all around...

When I see Ms. Appleton engage her audience, all I think about is how I wish I could do that well in public speaking. The value we received from her presentation was well worth the time we invested."

— Jacksonville Entrepreneur, Public Speaking Training

Susan is an outstanding writer, public speaker, communicator, educational trainer, and facilitator...

She has assisted me in my current business and is developing and leading the customer engagement culture trainings and workshops for the staff of my new project. I highly recommend Appleton Communication for all your communication needs!" 

— T. Jeffers, T-works Interior Decorating

Seek Susan for a consultation TODAY!...

I attended a customer relation training with Susan for a company I am working with and she was very thorough and amazing. Her expertise in client/customer relationships, customer engagement, presentation and communication can lead your company to success if you follow her tools of the trade."

— A.Uwanda, Visionary Consulting Solutions

"Her ability to listen to what the needs and skills are and deliver with accuracy has positively impacted the ability to perform at a consistently high level...

I have had the privilege of seeing Susan create programmatic and professional development training that is always clear, concise and thorough, allowing staff to grasp concepts effectively and fulfill learning requirements with accuracy."

— B. Reddick, Workforce Programs General Manager

"This was the most applicable leadership training I've ever done.Thank you Susan."

— J. Jefferson, Leadership Development Coaching Customer

"I'm more comfortable in a business environment and have more self awareness."

— E. Johnson, Assertive Communication Coaching Customer

"In developing assessments and evaluations, she measures what matters...

Susan Appleton embodies the integrity she advocates in her training. She is a model for the learner. She brings her keen insight and powerful intellect to every task."

— D. Nelson, Operations Specialist