Can you Relate?

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My experience in both life and career has completely convinced me of the power of relationships and their being the main ingredient to professional and personal success. Seems simple enough right, so why do we struggle and often fail to invest time into becoming better relationship builders? One answer is that we are not taught the value of developing our soft "people" skills. We have to desire to have meaningful relationships and thus decide to put forth the effort to build those skills. The good news is that soft skills can be learned. 

Strong relationship building skills, require that we are intentional in our focus to connect to others and by doing so we are in a constant state of self-assessment and improvement. This back and forth activity allows us to begin to take control of and responsibility for our relationships. We begin to consciously make decisions to move our relationships in a positive and more fulfilling direction. 

When I ask, CAN YOU RELATE? I am asking you to consider if you have developed the people skills needed to take charge of your success and life in a positive way? Do you know how you relate to others, what your strengths and areas of opportunities are to become better? Are you ready to do the work to become an effective leader, invest the time, and face the challenges to build more meaningful relationships?

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), is an essential soft skill to building great relationships with others. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions, and also those of others. Understanding your EI helps you to become aware of your emotions, words, and actions and how they affect and influence others. Developing this soft skill will absolutely improve your professional and personal relationships and help you to achieve the competitive advantage. 

Susan - The Soft Skills Success Coach