My Purpose, My passion

Over the past 20+ years, Susan has experienced the impact that having global people skills has on one's business and career. As a sixteen year old intern she met her first mentor. The mentors leadership and communication style had a huge impact on Susan's professional and personal development. She was a dynamic leader, bold and confident. From her, Susan learned how critical building relationships and creating value in others was to being a great leader; she worked with a leader who cared about the team and valued their contribution but also demonstrated high personal accountability and integrity.

Susan understood that the most powerful tool to achieve true leadership success was to develop exceptional people skills, and she has spent her career doing so. She is passionate about developing and empowering leaders to enhance their people skills with intention and a willingness to confront deficiencies in order to maximize their impact and influence. 

Susan has the trained ability to help others understand their people and communication skills gaps, irrespective of their role, and work with them to improve and produce on a higher level. She believes everyone is a leader and when given the right tools, they can excel. A Certified Workforce Development Professional and Motivational Career Coach, Susan received her B.S. degree in Workforce Education, Training & Development from Southern Illinois University. Her recent leadership positions include Manager of the Leadership Development Institute at Florida Department Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, Quality Performance and Training Manager at Career Source Capital Region, and Operations Supervisor at RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. 


To transform lives through global leadership soft skills education and empowerment.


To be a coach, trainer, and advocate for leaders to develop exceptional soft skills that build influence and impact success. 

Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Quality, Respect, Courage